*** NOV 2005 *** LOW IN EUROPE will be screened at the "EXGROUND" Festival in Wiesbaden at NOV 19th, 8 PM. For Information please check this Link: > http://exground-filmfest.de



LOW IN EUROPE was first screened at the 53rd MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL on Saturday 7th of August 2004, Greater Union, 131 Russell St, City at 11am (world premiere)

It was screened also at the SOUND UNSEEN festival in minneapolis in oktober 2004 (US premiere)

The first european screening was at the POPCORN FESTIVAL in stockholm, sweden in oktober 2004.

The film also showed at the 42nd FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINE DE GIJON, spain, in a program called desorden y concierto (spanish premiere!) in december 2004

About the screening in Minneapolis somebody in the Web wrote: "One new-ish Sound Unseen highlight that I can recommend is "Low in Europe," a behind-the-scenes documentary on the Duluth trio's 2002 overseas tour. While in Seattle this week meeting staffers at Sub Pop, the group's new label, Low bassist Zak Sally said he thought the documentary "perfectly shows why it's worth having a camera stuck in your face for two weeks straight." Yes, that means he, too, liked the film. It screens at the St. Anthony Main theater Saturday at 3:45 p.m."