The documentary LOW in europe follows the slow minimalist post punk-rock band LOW from duluth, minnesota on their 2002 / 03 tour, presenting their 2002 album "trust" in europe. 11 years earlier LOW had appeared on stage, playing excessively slow and quiet in front of the 90ies noise kids. Confronting the audience with intense quietness was the band’s concept of bringing back the experience of punk, which they describe as being disturbing to people.
LOW in europe is a portrait of an exceptional band in the international music circus - with personal statements, impressions of an inexcessive tour life and a lot of excellent music. The band is playing concerts in small clubs in german cities like dresden, cologne or berlin as well as in beautiful and big locations such as the "union chapel" in london. One day they are coincidentially meeting the legendary band "napalm death" after playing a beautiful unplugged radio session with their own christmas songs in "hessischer rundfunk radio studios" in frankfurt, germany. And coming to london for their two final shows on february 14th and 15th 2003 the city faces the biggest ever political demonstration in history...


LOW in europe was shot in Germany and the UK 2002 / 2003
written, directed and produced by Sebastian Schrade
music written & performed by LOW
cast - Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker, Zak Sally and many others
camera - Marcus Jaeger
additional camera work- Johannes Naber, Sebastian Schrade
concert camera: sarah rotter, frank mai, karsten unger, marcel ahrens, manuel graupner
editor - Sebastian Schrade
music & sound mix - Yoyo Roehm
shot on MiniDV and Super-8 film - duration 50 minutes
© 2003 HIT & RUN film, Berlin, Germany

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